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How to Install an Air Filter

Instructions to Properly Install and Replace Your Filtrete™ Filter

Installing Your Filtrete™ Filter

Check out our easy, step-by-step installation instructions:

  • An illustration of a Filtrete™ Air Filter.
    Step 1

    Remove the plastic from the filter—don't remove the cardboard framing.

  • An illustration of an air filter with arrows showing the airflow direction.
    Step 2

    Find the airflow arrow and point it toward the AC/heating blower.

  • An illustration of hands pushing a furnace filter into its slot in a central unit.
    Step 3

    Insert the filter into its slot [central unit].

  • An illustration of hands placing an air filter into its slot in a wall unit.
    Step 4

    Insert the filter into its slot [wall unit]

Replacing Your Filter

For maximum effectiveness, we recommend you change your filter at least once every three months. You may want to change the filter more frequently if:

    • - You are remodeling or there is any other kind of construction work in progress
    • -There is any furniture or drywall sanding in process
    • -You own pets
    • -Anyone in the home smokes
    • -There is a fan running continuously