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The Science

Filtrete™ Filters use exclusive 3-in-1 technology to pull in and trap unwanted particles, allowing cleaner air to flow through.

It’s important to have a top-of-the-line air filter in your heating and cooling system to help maintain airflow and deliver cleaner air throughout your home. Filtrete™ Filters with electrostatic charge have exclusive 3-in-1 technology that acts like a magnet to attract and capture microscopic allergens that can pass through fibreglass or non-electrostatic filters. Your air is cleaned each time it passes through the filter.



Plus, airflow through the filter remains strong and can last up to 3 months before often having a pressure drop below that of a brand new competitor filter. Electrostatic filters are most effective when they are new and clean. Make sure you’re changing your filter at least every three months for maximum effectiveness.



A smart furnace filter beside a magnified image of microparticles.

Anatomy of a filter

Filtrete™ Filters above MPR 300 are pleated with an electrostatic charge to capture even smaller particles without restricting airflow. The higher the MPR, the more microparticles your filter will capture.

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