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    Woman enjoying her coffee in peace knowing her home is filtered with Filtrete™ Air Filters

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    Which Filtrete™ Filter best suits your family's air quality needs?

    Be sure to check the size of your air filters

    Check Your Filter Size

    Check Your Filter Size

    It's important to know the size of your filter before shopping for a new one. for quick reference, Filtrete™ Filter dimensions (height x width x depth) are printed on the filter frame, so check there first.

    QUICK TIP: The longest side is actually the width based on typical positioning of the filter in a heating and cooling system. You can also measure the filter slot.

    Your filter's MPR (Microparticle performance rating) indicates its ability to capture tiny particles between 0.3 and 1 micron in size. The higher the MPR, the more microparticles—such as pollen, pet dander, smoke, bacteria and viruses—your filter will capture from the air passing through it.

    Now that you've selected your filter, find it at a location near you and sign up for reminders to change it every three months.

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